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Welcome to our City of Ember Podcast web page.  The 5/6 grade Kiwi 2 class of Westford Elementary School in Westford, Vermont watched the movie, The City of Ember.  We had the idea of making a podcast about what comes after the end of the movie.  Here’s how it started!

How it All Started/ Goals of Our Project

The 6th graders watched The City of Ember movie for a math project because of all the mechanical parts in it. Our teacher wanted to do more, so we all watched it in study hall. Then, everybody wrote what they thought would be the “next chapter” When we were done, the class voted for the best piece. It was Willem Hunt’s story that won. The class decided to make it into a podcast.

A Summary of the Movie, “The City of Ember

Dune and Lina wanted to find a way out of The City of Ember and go into the unknown region because Ember’s generator was going to break down for good.  The city would be in complete darkness forever! The people of Ember were forbidden to even speak about the unknown region.  This made it harder but Lina and Dune still found a way to sneak out. Once they’d found the outside, they also found a way to tell the other people of Ember how they got out and how the Emberites could get out too.

The Process

During our Language arts and science classes, Mr. Sherman called students up to record their lines on Audacity (an audio recording program). We added in background music and sound bites from other Websites and even made some of our own sound effects. Mr. Davidson also played a big roll lending us his microphone, teaching us how to use Audacity and helping us with the making of the Ember podcast.


"The way out of the City of Ember has been found!"

Townsfolk tell all about Ember

Sound effects 101

The Web site team at work

The project logo comes to life


  • Story by Willem Hunt
  • Henry Adams as Barrow Harrow
  • Peter Barrows as Narrator #1
  • Andrew Wagner as Narrator #2
  • Evan Roberge as Narrator #3
  • Elena Doty as the voice of Lina
  • Lilly Kolbenson as Gretchen
  • Ada Dunkley as Maizey
  • India Hoover as Margey
  • Saedee Perkins as Lady #1
  • Brandon Cote as Man #1, and the Old Man
  • Ben Wood as Man #2
  • Christi Tassie as Lady #2
  • And all the members of Kiwi 2 as the crowd and townspeople

Mr. Sherman’s Role

Mr. Sherman, our 5/6 grade L.A. and math and science teacher had us watch The City of Ember movie for a math project. Then he had us suggest the next chapter for the movie. After we had done that, he had an idea! Involving technology he thought, so we started this podcast.

We hope you enjoy our podcast!