Student Clubs

Westford School has revised the traditional recess and club options for middle level students. This year students have more options and a longer block of time to participate in clubs and high interest activities. Each day from 1:30-2:10 middle school students have an activity period. Choices include guitar club, photo club, music ensembles, school newspaper, model making, kickball, frisbee, and talk and walk. We anticipate changing the choices for students periodically and encourage students to share what activities they would like to add to the list of options. The gym is available at this time, so we do have the ability to provide students who sign up for outdoor activities a chance to participate in games in the gym.

The expectation for activity period is for students to sign up for the activity (different choices each day) in which they will participate. This allows us to appropriately staff the activities and the ability to locate students at any time.

As the second trimester approaches, students will select from various options. Many clubs will continue throughout the school year along with additions of new clubs each trimester. For example, this trimester students will have the option of Chess Club and Comic Life as new choices.

Activity Period Options for students grades 5-8:

  • Reading Buddies
  • Advanced Guitar
  • Organized Gym Activities
  • Outside Activities
  • Into the Woods hiking and snow shoeing
  • 5-8 Chorus
  • 6-8 Band
  • Beginning Guitar
  • Computer Adventuring
  • Comic Life
  • Newspaper Club
  • Yoga
  • Photo Club
  • Chess Club